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The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)

The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)

by GamezMania


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  • The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)
  • The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)
  • The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)
  • The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)
  • The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)
  • The Gear Jump (NEVER GIVE UP)
★ WARNING : - NEVER GIVE UP!!! - Are you a hard core gamer ? Then this game is only for you only, to implements your smartness and check your passions and share with your friends. - Normal gamer can't makes big score. If you want to create big score then do more and more practice with THE GEAR JUMP and prove that you are also hard core gamer and you can also beat your friends's high score. - Make high score and share with your all friends in any social media. - Are you like to play flappy bird and amezing thiefs type games? THE GEAR JUMP is that type of hard and addictive game. - Only you can keep them safe.Jump higher, survive longer and never give up! ★ HOW TO PLAY : - Move your ball outside of the gear and then must move your ball inside that gear then you get score. - Improve your ability to save that ball from ever gear wheels and share your high score with your friends. ★ LEVELS : There are mainly 3 levels in TheGearJump - Easy Level : One gape for move ball outside and inside of gear. - Medium Level : Two gapes for move ball outside and inside of gear. - Hard Level : Three gapes for move ball outside and inside of gear. ★ FEATURES : - Addictive game play. - Real and tense. - Challenge human limitations. - Simple, also requires passion and skill. - Avoid all rotatable gears. - TheGearJump NEVER GIVE UP across the gape of gear. - Do not touch anything. - Progress up through bigger and more dangerous gear. - Challenge your friends in this ambitious game. - Game Centre Achievements and Leader boards. - Share photos of your best/worst crash with friends. - THE GEAR JUMP 2015 is hard and very interesting game that will test your attention and reaction. This game is a complex of amazing tasks. Move yellow ball at the right time to overcome Gears as an obstacles. The game includes many unique levels. In addition to levels for the passage, play in the infinity level and take the highest place in the standings with players around the world. ★ CONTROLS : ♦ Take the ultimate mobile action challenge! ♦ Cool and Awesome musics and sounds! ♦ Attractive and Gregarious graphics! ♦ Mind blowing speed! ♦ Realistic gear physics! ♦ Intelligent scoring system! ♦ Hand-crafted design! ♦ Simple touch controls! ★ SOCIAL SHARING : ♦ Leader board Sharing ♦ Facebook Sharing ♦ Twitter Sharing ♦ Instagram Sharing ♦ Whats app Sharing ♦ Google+ Sharing ♦ Google Drive Sharing ♦ Messenger Sharing ♦ Skype Sharing ♦ Email Sharing ♦ Screenshot Sharing ★ MORE TO COME : - Be kind and tell us your opinion, we'll collect all suggestions and keep them in mind for updates and add-ons! - If you encounter any troubles, feel free to contact us at mail us but please be kind to us with the stars :-) This is an early version and will get better with your help! ★ THANK YOU : - Enjoy this brand new super adventure and addictive plat former game! - Hope You Enjoy Playing The Game And Don't Forget To share THE GEAR JUMP 2015 Game with your Friends On social media it's a really nice and cute game that you should have on your phone and most addicted adventure game. ★ SPECIAL CREDITS : - Special thanks to graphics designer for Lovely Graphics and Music.

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