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The Exorcists 3D Action RPG

The Exorcists 3D Action RPG

by MAENTRUS digital lab


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The Exorcists 3D Action RPG

The Exorcists is every 3D Online Action RPG fan's dream come true, its a combination of pure Role Playing Game Action with Gothic like 3D Character Heroes and Environments.

In the center of the Universe darkness rises over the Asgard Kingdom as EVIL forces are close to winning a centuries' old war between Gods and Demons. Asgard was helped by the Betrayal of Fallen Angels, as the Devil rose from the underworld ruling an army of creatures possessed by demons he conquers the kingdom little by little. Using their Last Forces, Gods created The Exorcists, a powerful warriors that immune to demonic possession & chaotic mind control. Heroic acts of The Exorcists are the Universe’s only hope against an eternity of darkness. Will you be the HERO that defeats evil?

"The Exorcists tops my list of Online RPG Action Games." - AndroidB.com

Pick your Hero from dozens of Exorcists available & embark on the Online 3D Action Role Playing Game. You start in Asgards main city where you interact with other characters and as the story progress you accept quests or side missions. The more dangerous the mission, the more loot & experience you gain. Train your heroes and level up to learn new fighting skills, obtain powerful gear or access the fighting arena.

With Gorgeous 3D Graphics, Stunning Effects and an Epic Soundtrack.
Here are the features of this Epic Online Action RPG:
☑️Stunning 3D Graphics From amazingly detailed locations to fear-instilling creatures & adrenaline-filled action fighting animations, The Exorcists sets a new standard in Role Playing Mobile Game Graphics. No worries though, you can adjust the level of detail if your device is slow.

☑️Pure Online Action RPG Gameplay Truly MMORPG where you assemble a team starting with one of the dozen available Heroes and Fight for XP, Gear & Gold. Level up to unlock new fighting skills and manually combat enemies or use the Auto Fight option to engage automatically.

☑️Dozens of Action Heroes With 30 3D Characters (and counting), The Exorcists can fulfill any RPG Role desire you could have. You can be a creepy Corpse King, Vengeful Soulbreaker, thirsty Vampire or even a Psychotic Clumsy Bear as long as you know what you want, STRENGTHAGILITY or MAGIC!

☑️Upgrades & Level Ups Gain fighting experience to level up & develop new skills. Upgrade your Heroes Gear and Equip yourself with up to 9 items. With 270+ Weapons, 380+ Armors and Powerful item sets.

☑️Hundreds of Locations You fight your way through the heart of evil in close to 900 map locations and dungeons plus a set of Deadly Raids, from the Scary Ghost Cemetery to the Undead Swamp. It all equals to hundreds of hours of fighting joy!

☑️Multi Player Online Mode You can Play & Interact with other connected users in Multi Player Mode. Participate in Guild Wars, Defeat Powerful Bosses in Group RaidsPvP or Explore dark dungeons together.

☑️Ranking, Bonuses & Achievements Play the RPG game often and you’ll receive daily bonuses, reward cards or complete achievements to get more loot. The more powerful you get, the more you'll climb up in the global rankings while competing against other players.

Minimum Requirement :
☑️300MB Free Space
☑️Android OS, v4.0
☑️CPU Dual-Core 1.5 Ghz or Higher,
☑️RAM 1 Gb

Recommended Requirement :
☑️300MB Free Space
☑️Android OS, v4.0
☑️Quad-core 2.2 GHz or Higher
☑️RAM 2 Gb

The Exorcists will be your new Mobile Online 3D Action RPG addiction and we’re here to help. Just connect with us to stay updated, ask questions or receive surprise in-game gifts:

▶️Website: https://www.maentrus.co.id
▶️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.exorcists.indonesia/

We’d love to hear from you so leave a review and tell us what can we do to make this the Best 3D Action RPG!

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