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by chankwoktim


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Welcome to TENS! In this game you will see bubbles with numbers. You select bubbles and their numbers will add up. Your goal is to get the sum equals to multiples of 10 in order to burst the bubbles.

Selecting bubbles involves two steps. For the first step, you select one or more bubbles that are adjacent to each other. Then, you select one target bubble to add to.

Two laser guns will descend from the top.  Once the laser beam touches any bubble below, you lose. Fortunately, popping bubbles with multiples of 10 will send out ripple energy to adjacent bubbles to burst them, as well as power sparks to the guns, raising them up.

Bubbles get bigger with larger number. Popping bigger bubbles (with a larger multiple of 10) sends out more ripple energy to burst more adjacent bubbles, and more power sparks to the guns, raising them further up.

Bubbles will be frozen if the sum is an odd number. To unfreeze the bubble, tap repeatedly until the ice breaks.

If you select 5 bubbles or more at the first step, you start a fire in the target bubble! If you pop fire bubbles with multiples of 10, the power sparks they send out are even stronger and can raise the laser guns further up. Moreover, the fire will grow bigger if you include a fire bubble at the first step and select 5 bubbles or more. Bubbles with bigger fire send out increasingly stronger power sparks when they pop.

However, be careful when you select bubbles. If the sum of the bubbles is 101 or larger, the target bubble will turn into stone! Another way to get a stone is when the sum is less than zero. You can no longer select stones like other bubbles, and stones stay there until the end of the game. They occupy space under the laser beam, so remember to avoid getting stones during the game.

The power sparks sent out by popping bubbles push up the laser guns. When they reach the highest point, you get a level-up. The game becomes more challenging in higher levels. Bubbles will start to play some tricks on you too!

In higher levels, you will see bubbles with 'x2', 'x3', etc. They are multiplication bubbles. If you select bubbles with mixed operations, the arithmetic will be done following your order of selection, with multiplications taking precedence. Remember that you cannot start your selection with a multiplication bubble.

You have to work really quick to pop bubbles or the game will be over before you know it. Fortunately, you've got 3 secret weapons to help you. The first one is the Bubble Bomb. It can blast away any bubbles as well as stones. Just activate it on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and then touch anywhere you want the bomb to explode.

The second one is the Bubble Booster. Activate it on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and for a fixed amount of time, popping bubbles with multiples of 10 will send out greater ripple energy to adjacent bubbles which are more likely to burst as well.

The third one is the Laser Unplug. Activate it on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and for a fixed amount of time, the laser guns cannot shoot out laser beam. This is especially useful if the bubbles are getting very close to the laser beam.

The game provides you with 2 secret weapons for each kind. Not enough? You can actually buy more of them to start off each new game! Just go to 'In-app Purchase' from the title screen and buy additional weapons. If you buy one Bubble Bomb, for example, you will start EACH new game with 3 Bubble Bombs! You can have a maximum of 10 weapons for each kind.

For every 10 levels there is a bonus stage that has a different gameplay. In a bonus stage, bubbles appear with their number counting up or down. You try to pop a bubble at the moment it is displaying a multiple of 10. If you touch it at other times, you will lose the bonus stage. If the counting number reaches 0 or 100, you will also lose.

Hope you enjoy the game!!