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Ten pin bowling Real strike 3D

Ten pin bowling Real strike 3D

by OceanTree


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  • Ten pin bowling Real strike 3D
  • Ten pin bowling Real strike 3D
  • Ten pin bowling Real strike 3D
  • Ten pin bowling Real strike 3D
Ten pin bowling real strike 3D is the only game on play store which is devloped with such a realistic physics and awesome visual effects. This tenpin bowling game is decorated with awesome stunning graphics and really refreshing music & sounds. All the above features are integrated to create real experience of bowling game. The game environments were referenced from so many famous bowling clubs of Egypt, Rome and New York City of America. The game has following additional features: Features: ♥ Super Graphics. ♥ Awesome gameplay with real physics. ♥ Real 3D textured environments. ♥ So many attractively designed balls to select from. ♥ Full rating and progress system ranging from Rookie to Legend status. ♥ Realistic ten pin machine. ♥ Awesome slow motion effect after every strike. ♥ Full spin control and shot shape setup. ♥ High score tables and statistics per bowling alley. ♥ So many levels of CPU difficulty. ♥ Full 3D and real physics performance with good fps.

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