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Temple Thief

Temple Thief

by Zemo Softwares


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Temple Thief is a funny jumping endless game for your mobile.

Mr Dee, originally is an archaeologist who specializes in unting and excavating treasures from the vestiges of humanity. According to the documents researched by him, in Southern Egypt, there is a lost temple buried deep down in the mountain containing thousands of invaluable treasures of antiquity. Finally, after an tough journey, Mr Dee found what he'd find. Unfortunately, when he had just touched the treasure in the chest and intend stealing the diamond, the organs inside this lost temple have been activated. The demons existing to protect the temple, the animaljam appear. Mr Dee have to find a way out of the temple, run along with his treasures with slogan Temple Thief.

The gameplay of Temple Thief is really simple. The screen will be constantly moving upward and all you have to do are tilt your phone to control your character and tap on the screen to shoot in order to deal with the organs as well as the monsters inside the lost temple. However, it is never be too redundant to be careful with the unexpected pitfalls otherwise you have to say goodbye to your high score. Skill will help you a lot in this game. In addition, people with quick reaction also have many advantages.

How to Play:
- Tilt your device to move Mr Dee.
- Tap to become a fireboy, shoot the bullet
- Stealing coin from temple, run out of the monster and upgrade you item.
- Jump high as much as you can.

- Global, cross-platform leaderboard to compare score your friends and competitors.
- Very beautiful graphics, look like doodle, jump gameplay simple.
- You can link with your friend in social network to play together and help them.
- Helpful booster and upgrade items.
- Go top and become legendary, a thief prince.
- Enemy prevent you get happy jump, this will be more challenge.
- Many achievements and rewards

Please note:
Our game, Temple Thief, is funny free game, now and forever, but some of the contents can be purchased for real money.

If you have any feedback or meet any problem when playing game, please let us know by contact via email.
Enjoy Temple Thief and have fun!

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