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Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka

Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka

by id A Studio


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  • Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka
[Indonesia] Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka.. Tantangan dalam permainan Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka ini adalah memindahkan semua susunan angka-angka yang disediakan ke dalam papan permainan. Cara bermainnya sangat mirip dengan permainan teka teki silang (TTS) pada umumnya. Apa kelebihan permainan TTS ini: - Level permainan Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka tanpa batas.. UNLIMITED - ukuran file yang sangat kecil - Game di-desain sangat user friendly - Tersedia alat bantu yang akan sangat membantu dalam pengisian Teka Teki Silang (TTS) Angka - Made in Indonesia, 100% menggunakan bahasa Indonesia Ayo mulai bermain teka teki silang (TTS) angka, dan temukan tantangannya.. [English] Infinite Cross Numbers - the real brain teaser Infinite Cross Numbers provides fill-it in numbers puzzle with unlimited level and unlimited size of board of game. Even in the same level, it will give you different challenge. It's real brain teaser. So lets try to solve the puzzle.. The main task on this game is fill all blank boxes with provided string of numbers. How to play? It's very simple to play, just like you play the crossword, fill the accross and down squares with the provided string of numbers. Featuring: - Unlimited level with unlimited size of boards - Even in the same level, different challenge - User friendly - Helpful tools It's real brain teaser, prove it now.. Enjoy the game..

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