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Teenager Repellent: Ultrasound

Teenager Repellent: Ultrasound

by BetterAppz


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  • Teenager Repellent: Ultrasound
  • Teenager Repellent: Ultrasound
  • Teenager Repellent: Ultrasound
Teenager Repellent sends out irritating, ultrasounds that only teenagers can hear. After a while the sound will become so annoying that they will have to leave the area or won’t even come near you. This technique is already used by police and local authorities worldwide to fight off loitering youth. Teenager Repellent offers the same technique now for your mobile phone, and because of the portability you can even use it on the road, trains, subways, or at the park. Turning on the high frequencies sounds will make the area around you unattractive to teens without causing discomfort to adults. The sound of the app can almost exclusively be heard by young people till around 25 years. HOW TO USE: The app has six different high frequencies: 14 , 15 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 20 KHZ . Depending on your age and the condition of your hearing it's possible that you can still hear some frequencies. Only turn on the frequencies that you can not hear. RANGE: The effective range is dependent on your phone's speakers. Tip: Connect your phone to external speakers for more range. Teenager repellent is a free anti loitering technique. Use is at your own risk. -------------------------------------- SAFE: Research in the UK, Netherlands , Germany and Belgium have shown that no hearing damage is caused with normal exposure to high frequency (ultrasonic) sounds. MEDIA: An estimate of more than 3500 councils, shop owners and police in the USA are currently fighting loitering youth with high frequency (ultrasonic) devices, also know as mosquito boxes. The technique has also has won the Innovation Prize Police ( PIP ) in 2006.

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