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Tank Battle

Tank Battle

by StomStudio Games


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  • Tank Battle
  • Tank Battle
  • Tank Battle
  • Tank Battle
  • Tank Battle

Among field, you have to carefully act to destroy the other tanks, other bases to get victory. Kick-off the Tank battle, you join in the game of wars and combat with Bloon enemy Tanks
Tank is the top game and draw huge amount of attention from players. You will drive the Tank Hero in all Battlefield and knockdown all things in the enemy’s base. Defeat the army of Bloon enemy, destroy its blocks, wall and all other structures. 
The Tank Battle has 3 lives. After each time Tank loses ones, revived life is stronger. 
Let’s use your wise strategy to move around the battlefield, find the enemy’s helicopters and shoot it. With any car shooting, pick up an item to upgrade your skills and continue the Tank Battle.
How to play ?
- Use the steering wheel on the left to direct the tank
- Use the button on the right to shoot the enemies
- Drill the wall and destroy the brick blocks to open new roads. Move under the green tiles and cover the white road markings. But the stone blocks is unbeatable base.

Remember! Shoot the Bloon enemy’s base but also protect your own
Bloon enemies are very crowded, strong and racing. So be brilliant! Kill or be-killed? You don’t have other choices! 
- Graphics: 2D, Flag, simple
- Scientific arranged map, 6X2 types of Bloon Enemy tank in the Tank battle, 1 car item
- 20 levels, 20 maps
- Tank war sounds: intense, exciting
- No in-app purchase
- Made for absolutely everyone!

The game Tank Battle is completely free! Let’s enjoy yourselves and master on the battlefield!

P/s: We we are looking for a publisher collaborator or co-operate with other team to bid out-source code. If you have demand and intention to co-operate with us, Please contact with us via this facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/StomStudio

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