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Swipe Cricket

Swipe Cricket

by Mach Pandy Games


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  • Swipe Cricket
SWIPE CRICKET Play a quick and fun game of cricket, and try to beat your high scores or challenge your friends to a one on one cricket match. With various game modes, you can chose to play a quick cricket game of 'T-20', '1 Over' or even '1 Wicket'. Or test your endurance with a long cricket game of 'Test Match' or 'ODI'. SWIPE CRICKET GAME MODES: T-20 : Twenty-twenty cricket. Score as many runs as you can with just 20 deliveries. Only 10 wickets in hand, try not to miss. 1 Over : Just 6 deliveries. Try to get those boundaries and 6s. 1 Wicket : Only 1 Wicket in hand. Play safe and manage your runrate or go for it and smash it to the boundaries. ODI : One day international cricket style game. 50 Deliveries and 10 Wickets. TEST : Test cricket. Test your endurance. Score as many runs possible with 10 wickets. LOCAL MULTIPLAYER Challenge your friends to a game of Cricket. Play any game mode, and see who is the best at swipe cricket. Chose to bat first or second after a quick toss. HIGH SCORES & SHOT POINTS Try to beat your own high scores or shot points. Get your timing right. The faster and harder your shot, the greater your shot points. Position your player for the best hit.

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