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Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments

Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments

by Jamijn Duc


Our Rating

  • Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments
  • Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments
  • Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments
  • Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments
  • Sweet Candy: Logic Experiments

Sweet Candy is a best, free, simple, fun and challenging minimalistic next gen puzzle game, where you have to collect candies then escape with the least possible moves. Sounds easy? Well, if you want to reach 3 stars on each level you have to use your mind, logic and especially think before making a move, as it will seem sometimes that a level is not just hard, but even impossible to finish with a best score. Keep on trying.

- A next-generation puzzle game that requires logical thinking and problem solving.
- Sweet as candy and minimalist graphics so you can turn your full attention to problem solving.
- Simple but hard, this excellent puzzle game lets you enjoy brain training and you can play the app wherever you are.
- Game difficulty increases as you pass each level.
How to play

> Swipe one direction where you want to go.
> Pick up candies before heading to the exit.
> Use the walls strategy to get to your next objective.
> Anyone can finish a level, but can you do with best step?

Ready to decide how to solve riddles? Think before you swipe!
Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions at akiba1989@gmail.com
We love to hear from you!
Please leave a review if you like our game. Thanks!

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