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Supermarket boy party shopping

Supermarket boy party shopping

by Kids Fun Plus


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  • Supermarket boy party shopping
  • Supermarket boy party shopping
  • Supermarket boy party shopping
  • Supermarket boy party shopping
  • Supermarket boy party shopping
From the makers of supermarket boy food shopping and macaron cookies maker we proudly present supermarket boy party shopping a new addition to supermarket games If you are crazy about kids supermarket shopping mall games and really like to learn how to do birthday party shopping and shop unique decoration material for your party then supermarket boy party shopping is the best game for you. It’s time to plan the best birthday party in the town. Let’s go to the supermarket and gather different stuff for party arrangements. Unfortunately the supermarket boy is confused and have no idea how to arrange his party, you must help the birthday party boy by taking him to the supermarket and make his party the coolest party ever arranged. Choose from different outfits, cakes, sweets bakery snacks and party food. Collect other party supplies like balloons clothes Gameplay: It’s time to dress up, Take the supermarket boy to the clothes shop and choose a cool party outfit for him among a variety of pants, shirts, coats and other party outfits. Now take him to the shoe shop and help him find and purchase appropriate birthday party shoes. Next take him to the party decoration shop and buy balloons and other birthday party supplies to bash the party. Win amazing prizes in the mini supermarket lottery game. Party won’t be fun without party food shopping take him to the supermarket bakery shop and buy birthday party cakes with loads delicious flavors and toppings, chips and other party snacks to make his girls party friends happy. Download this amazing kids supermarket shopping game and learn how to arrange a wedding party, birthday party and do supermarket management and manage shopping list for any party.

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