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Super Rugby Flick Kicks

Super Rugby Flick Kicks

by Data Arc Games


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Super Rugby Flick Kicks
Super Rugby Flick Kicks
Super Rugby Flick Kicks
Super Rugby Flick Kicks
Super Rugby Flick Kicks

Experience the pure flick-kick action of your favorite Rugby game.
Kick the ball to Goalpost from different positions on grounds with the flick of your finger!
Keep an eye on distance & wind factor; the ball may swing a lot distorting your goal angle. The most intense free-kick Rugby super kicks game to practice your flick-kick skills on Android.

Game Features :
* Control your kicks with the flick of your finger.
* Realistic Rugby physics to feel.
* User friendly navigation
* Stunning 3D Graphics
* Excellent Sounds
* Beautiful Stadium with lush green ground
* Crowd will cheer at every successful goal

Multiple Game Modes:

* BEAT The Clock:
The Player will have 60 seconds to kick as many shots as he wants
There would be a clock target displaying randomly
Hitting the clock target will increase 10 seconds in current running time
Keep an eye on the distance and wind factor also

The player will have option to earn extra lives
At start of game no (extra) life will be given
The game will continue if the player hits successful goals only
The extra life can be earned by hitting ball successful to bar displaying from bottom to top vertically within the goal post
So If the player hits the vertical bar successfully then can earn an extra life
Only 3 extra lives can be earned in one play

* Arcade Mode:
Flip to kick the ball towards goal post
The arcade mode will have 6 levels
All levels will continue in one single play
Each level will have 5 balls to play
To continue to next level ... the player must kick 3 successful goals
At the end of the game a score card will display

How to play:
Flick your finger through the football in the direction you want to kick but keep your eye on the swing, it will change in strength and direction with each kick and can affect your accuracy.