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super mario run

super mario run

by anwar ess


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super mario run
super mario run
super mario run
super mario run
super mario run

Final Fantasy adventures hero boy in many worlds adventure boy like game the thrones, our  Final Fantasy adventure  boy hero is a  a new super adventure boy game 
  with new worlds and levels for adults and kids,it's a new kind of games for kids an teenagers  that you can play wit no internet connection  
our Final Fantasy adventure    presents the long-awaited successor of hero trip and hazard World with more Levels, more Items, more enemies, better game physics, awesome graphics and beautiful new sound effects. Thanks for all your feedback on previous games ! We(Ahmed Darge,Abdellah Agouram) took the best ideas and packed them into hero World 2, and the result is an incredibly good and addictive game called Final Fantasy adventure

Travel through plains, caverns, Ghost Houses, airships, castles, and more...

Clear 6 worlds filled with 24 brand-new courses designed for one-handed play!

Show off hero boy stylish moves, compete against your enemies  and  challenge your self.

A challenge mode where the competition differs each time you play the super adventure of hero 2

Compete against (enemies, frogs and others )  of as you gather coins and get cheered on by a crowd of Toads. If you’re impressive enough, the Toads may even come live in your kingdom that you're playing in.

You can also perform stylish moves to  launch into Coin Rush! harry up.

*In order to play the game, you will need to install it and get ready to play
Super hero Run  adventure is a fun addictive platform endless running  and fighting game with a twist.

 Run and Jump through a cute and challenging world.
 Avoid obstacles and SMASH your enemies! 
 Collect the bouncing Mushrooms to get bigger, collect the mushroom again and become GIANT! 
 In Giant form, nothing can stand against you as a hero
 SUPER game play!
 SUPER challenge!

ou Adventure Game is one of the most popular series and durable of all time.
our  super hero  Adventure Game Legend game  bring your childhood back!

Super Adventure hero 2 : 
- more than 40  new levels 
- A boy hero  with 3D appearance
- 6 scenarios with magnificent graphics
- 22 different monsters from the former versions of hero 2
- like in other adventure 3D games our hero  can transform his size, marvelous experience!
 how to play : 
just follow you instance , and press the buttons

Please note this: each world ends with a FINAL BOSS! Challenge him! Explore those tough levels with a relaxed mood. 
! Download for free and have fun!