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Super Hyper Ball

Super Hyper Ball

by Neonchimp


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  • Super Hyper Ball
  • Super Hyper Ball
Super Hyper Ball is a hyperactive cocktail of Pinball & Breakout. Set in a 80s/retro themed table you compete against the world to get the highest score in 3 different game modes. Defeat an angry robot, a bunch of aliens and while you are at it, save the world from a disastrous asteroid collision while you collect all Jackpot letters for a maximum payout! So get your lasers ready and collect the Jackpot! Super Hyper Ball features 3 different game modes: Story Mode This mode is the main game, and plays the most like a classic pinball machine where you start with 3 Balls, and you have to work yourself towards the Jackpot platform, by beating all the mini-bosses/games to collect all the “JACKPOT” letters and get a highscore! Endurance Mode Endurance mode is a race against the clock. You start with 1 minute on the timer, and you need to score as many points as you can before your time runs out. You can increase your time by destroying blocks and clearing platforms. Time Trial Challenges When you collect a Jackpot letter in the story mode for the first time, a new time trial challenge will be unlocked. This challenge is a more difficult version of the mini-game/boss.

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