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Super Chicken Scream Run 2

Super Chicken Scream Run 2

by Fun Games World


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Super Chicken Scream Run 2
Super Chicken Scream Run 2

Discover  the new Release of the Super Chicken Scream voice game: its the best interactive voice game ever released with awesome chicken run & chicken jump gameplay.  Do you like jumping games? With this free game you can control the ninja chicken and make many chick jump with you whispers or screaming.  

You can scream chicken or scream GO or scream Run or scream any word you wish: just adjust the sensitivity and youll get a proper response from our super chicken.  

How this awesome action voice game works:
- Adjust the sensitivity slider  
- soft voices will make the super chicken run a short distance
- Screaming voice will make the chicken perform some ninja jump and turn the chicken into a super ninja chicken :D  

Funny interactive mobile action game: the idea of this run game is very simple and funny: with the ninja chicken being controlled by your voice, you can get so much fun performing the most amazing chick jumps with your voice & screaming (Ninja, GO, Move ..etc) especially if youre fan of jumping and run games! its so much funny!  

Amazing Screaming game Features:
- High Quality Graphics  
- Very funny Chicken Run & Chicken Jump GamePlay
- Amazing performed ninja Chicken jumps  
- Real Time response to your screaming voice

Hope Youll Enjoy Our Free Funny Voice Game! Best Chicken game!

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