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Stunts Cat Dog Simulator 3D

Stunts Cat Dog Simulator 3D

by Lisa Jeff


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Stunts Cat Dog Simulator 3D

Play the first ever stunts cat dog simulator 3d game with the newest cats and dogs race stunts.Time to move your cute and little pets. Are You a dog lover then you can play this simulation games.So pet lovers get ready to play cats and dogs simulator and it’s time to show the performance. Kids love dog stunt games so get a chance to play with your lovely pets. Explore the huge environment of forest jungle performing different kinds of stunts , hitting goals and making jumps to complete the levels.Each level will be difficult as compare to previous level. There are many targets in the forest environment.

Test your stunting skills by weaving through challenging obstacles and hurdles in the much awaited dog race games.Stunt racing simulator 3D with the blend of jumping dog racing games and dog washing games will definitely win your soul at first vision.This super dog simulator 3D game is another induction in gaming of real wild animal life simulation with the combined fusion of adventures, racing and simulation around the city.Get scores for picking coins in this entertainment filled game for this special holiday season. Be the little kitty cat or the puppy dog and simulate, run and jump around in the realistic forest environment.

Stunts cat dog simulator 3d game features:

- 4 beautiful cats and 2 dogs to choose
- Realistic 3D visual and cool sound effects
- Numbers of exciting Racing & stunts missions
- Jumping, Running & Free Simulation
- Real life Cat and Dog animations
- Spectacular and Challenging 3D jungle Environment

You can choose the cute puppies and kittens in this stunt race game. All in all, dog race games have never been this action-packed with the addition of awesome dog race and stunts game 2016. It’s time to forget other dog stunt racing games and experience the finest of Stunts . STUNTS CAT DOG SIMULATOR 3D is easy, thrilling, exciting, and highly addictive dog race and stunts game !