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Sticky Bubble

Sticky Bubble

by Fadsel Technologies


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  • Sticky Bubble
  • Sticky Bubble
  • Sticky Bubble
  • Sticky Bubble
The game involves tapping and holding a bubble with a ball on top of it , balancing and moving away from the obstacles at the same time . Every Escape from an obstacle is a point for you , the more you stay away from the obstacles the more points you will get , the bubble has no force towards the ball , and it bounces back when you hit the sidewalls — One last thing your bubble is immune to enemies! All you have to do is ... to balance the ball while moving , Try it and lets see How far you can go? Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQsZtz0lkEg FEATURES ========= — It has the ability to save your progress — It remembers your settings — You can mute the audio while the Sound Effects are on , or you can decide to play without sounds at all — You can toggle the tutorial if you think you need to — You can reset the whole game , set them back to defaults — Every time you play the obstacles are coming at random directions , making it less predictable A WORD ====== Sticky Bubble was designed and programmed to increase your — Thinking ability — Increase your Reflex — Short time decision making And mostly is was there to put smiles to the kids and grownups too . We hope you will like it. Enjoy ...!

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