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Steps! - Hardest Action Game Ever!

Steps! - Hardest Action Game Ever!

by Takumi Endo


Our Rating

  • Steps! - Hardest Action Game Ever!
  • Steps! - Hardest Action Game Ever!
  • Steps! - Hardest Action Game Ever!

#1 Paid Action Game (JP/KR)

#1 Paid Music Game (JP/KR)

"Steps" is developed by the winner of AppStore Best of 2015, and is  surely one of AppStore's most challenging games.

Super easy to play but only few can reach the final stage.

Play hard to conquer the world.

◆ So simple but oh so hard

Just tap the screen to play. Though you have a clear view of the steps to come,, clearing each stage is not so easy. . Try not to throw your smartphone in a raging fit.

◆ Warning: Impossibly hard!

Its difficulty is beyond your imagination. Try not to throw your smartphone on the floor even if you can't clear the stage!.

◆ 27 delicious stages with awesome music

Designed by a former-music major steps offers  27 delicious stages that’s both thrilling and mellow.

◆ Even more more engaging than the"impossibly hard video games"

This near “impossible” game is so addictive with a powerful beat and melody that synchronizes seamlessly with the character's movement. Imagine the sense of accomplishment when you complete the super hard stages!

◆ Harder for people with a good sense of rhythm?

Steps! Is a music game like no other. Each stage has a lot of subtle “rhythmical traps.”  and just one jump can generate a whole new groove.  Play to train your sense of rhythm.

◆ Play more to train your reflexes!

Steps! is very physical. With Steps!, Experience the same kind of thrills you felt in your childhood's outdoor play

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