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StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy

StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy

by SOAR Therapy, LLC


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  • StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy
  • StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy
  • StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy
  • StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy
  • StepByStep Pro from SOAR Therapy
StepByStep helps assess and improve sequencing skills for kids and adults with impaired or developing cognition! Simply drag each step and arrange a sequence into the correct order! Features of StepByStep Pro: -No In App-Purchasing -Ad-Free! -Create a free account for each of your Patients/Students -Email the History of each sub-user! -Improved Airplane Mode/Offline Performance -Utilize the Volume Purchase Plan -Parental Gate StepByStep uses fun and clearly-illustrated sequences of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), and Transfers! 52 sequences range from 3-10 steps, and are appropriate for users of all ages and skill-levels. Challenge, sharpen, and increase the sequencing, problem-solving, and storytelling skills for users of all ages! Highly recommended by Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, parents, and teachers! StepByStep is perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists who assist others at: • Home • Skilled Nursing Facilities • Rehab Centers • Hospitals • Schools • Tutoring Centers StepByStep was developed by an Occupational Therapist with the goal of helping people of all ages with diagnoses such as: •Stroke •Autism •Dementia/Alzheimer's •Traumatic Brain Injury •Developmental Delays History: Use our History feature to easily track a user’s progress, and monitor improvement over time. Easily email the History of any of your sub-users! Users: Create a single account, then add or remove an unlimited number of user profiles for FREE! Perfect for clinical and educational settings! Examples of Adult Sequences: Washing a Car, Getting Dressed, Ironing a Shirt, Making a Phone Call, Grocery Shopping Examples of Kids Sequences: Painting a Picture, Going to School, Cleaning Your Room, Setting the Table, Telling Time

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