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by Binary Banana


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** PREMIUM GAME - No In-App Purchases. Pay once and play forever! ** 

You are about to join Lieutenant Bradley in the fight against general Stealin! Use the most advanced tank to recapture the land and bring back the peace to the world!

Stealin is a fast paced strategy game about conquering new territories! Extremely engaging and hard to complete, try it only if you expect a real challenge.

- CAPTURE the land from general Stealin army
- DRIVE the most advanced tank
- FOLLOW Lieutenant Bradley and Sergeant Jaworski story
- SURPRISE yourself how much you didn't know about tanks history

Key features:
- 36 engaging levels with unique ways to solve,
- 15+ various enemy types and land obstacles,
- Historical facts about tanks and military,
- Engaging game story with Lieutenant Bradley and Sergeant Jaworski,
- Simple control with swipe and hold to move, and just swipes to capture

Game story
A cruel revolutionist named Stealin successfully led rebellion and in just few years, on the peaceful territory that was used to be called Homeland, formed a new country, Stealinstan. The only one standing region is Whiteslope, a small land in the Western part of Homeland, famous from the strongest and toughest men who don't accept the Stealin's authority. With the last savings they smuggled the most advanced tank, which now you, soldier Jaworski, will use to recapture the land and bring back the peace to the world.

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