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Status Saver for WhatsApp

Status Saver for WhatsApp

by Agstudio Ltd


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Status Saver for WhatsApp
Status Saver for WhatsApp
Status Saver for WhatsApp
Status Saver for WhatsApp

Status Saver Whatsapp application lets you download status pictures, GIF, Video of the new status highlight of Whatsapp Application, and it likewise permits you to share media and repost status from application to your friends and family.

Key Highlights of Status Saver Application

- View, Spared Stories and status

- Easy to understand Structure

- Application Give inbuilt picture watcher

- Application Give inbuilt media player to a video

- Effectively repost status

- Download status saver Whatsapp now without any problem

- Saved status or stories likewise showed in the application for sometime later.

How does it work?

Step 1- Watch the story or status in Whatsapp.

Step 2-Open status saver Application All watched Whatsapp status or story would be displayed

Step 3 -Click the picture, or video to see in full screen.

Step 4 Click the Download to save Whatsapp status picture/video.

You can share and likewise re-post saved Whatsapp story picture/video.

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The "Whatsapp" or "Whatsapp" name is copyright to Whatsapp, Inc. This app is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Whatsapp, Inc. We are not responsible for any kind of re-usage of any media downloaded by the user.
If you find any suggestions or issues regarding this application then reach us through our email.