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  • Starfield
  • Starfield
  • Starfield
  • Starfield
Starfield is a fun and free game in which you have to travel the space and go as far as you can. Earn cool skins and compete against your friends. Challenge laws of gravity. Starfield is an endless runner of an unique genre. Try its cool and innovative gameplay. Jump from one planet to another and go as far as you can. Collect every skin. HOW TO PLAY ? When the game starts, your character is into orbit around a planet. Touch and maintain the screen to speed up the rotation. Release to detach your character. Try to reach the next planet. Each time you play, you earn coins that will allow you to unlock new awesome skins. CHOOSE YOUR STYLE Football, tennis and rugby ball, a funny goldfish, a sushi, Celebrate Halloween with the Pumpkin skin, ... Stay tuned for a lot of more upcoming skins. (Suggest new skins on our Facebook page) FEATURES - Great orbit effects - Jump from orbit to orbit - Challenge yourself with moving planets - Customize your character with a lot of skins - Watch the cool evolving background - Avoid obstacles - Respawn to the last orbit reached - Share your score on Facebook, Twitter, ... - Earn XP points for your Google Play Games account - Collect skins WORLD CONTENT Evolve in a pseudo-generated world including a smooth evolution of the difficulty for the game to stay cool and interesting and special elements such as moving obstacles. The more far you go, the more cool thing you will discover. TIPS Collect many coins to be able to respawn multiple times. Choose wisely the direction of rotation. Rotate clockwise can help you going further. Don't hesitate to skip some planets. In particular at the beginning. DAILY GIFT Play everyday to win a special gift. Each 24 hours, you will earn a cool skin. CREDITS The music you will hear in the game is : Artificial gravity (feat. Dave Merrick) by Platinum Butterfly.

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