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Spinning Snake

Spinning Snake

by 5!


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  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake
  • Spinning Snake

Snake is almost 40. It was cloned many times, but core rules remained about the same...

Spinning Snake takes modern approach...

The goal is to make the snake shorter and shorter until it completely disappears.

• The snake is navigated using taps. Each tap makes the snake to turn right.

• Color of eaten food matters! If it matches the color of the head, the snake will become shorter, otherwise - longer.

• The snake can cross itself or borders.

• The goal has to be accomplished within limited time depending on the level.

• Currently there are 32 levels: 4 major ones with 8 sub-levels each.

• The complexity (time limit, food amount, snake speed, penalties) starts from very easy and gradually increases to almost impossible.

• Results can be published on speed and progress leaderboards.

The game is free, ad supported, ads are not intrusive - shown only during breaks.

Give it a try! Share with friends, compete with them! Have fun!

Copyright © 2016 - 5!

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