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Spin Rush 2D

Spin Rush 2D

by Leon Šebrek


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Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D
Spin Rush 2D

Collect as many dots possible in this new 2D arcade puzzle game.
There are many modes available for unlock and they are all different and challenging in its own 
►Rotate cube with touching left/right side on screen and collect as many dots possible.
As you play game you level up and unlock different fun modes that can be played and 
►Modes: there are up to 6 modes that can be unlocked and played, with normal mode that's all of them combined.
Fast mode: dots fall faster over time so its harder get far.
Hexagon mode: play with hexagon cube with 2 extra colors.
Words mode: words of colors fall, while dot is in another color to mix things up.
Time mode: don't stop spinning cube or you lose.
Trippy mode: colors change over time, so you have to keep eye on right colors to mix.
Flipped mode: camera rotates and controls are reversed every time dot falls.

As you play you will level up over time, as you progress you will unlock new things and 
modes. Over time leveling up will be harder but rewarding since more interested modes 
will be unlocked at higher levels.
Game responds to music in game, where beats shake screen and with amazing sound 
effects give better feeling to game. There are many soundtracks available in game for 
different game modes as well with voice overs.
As well there is endless level, where all modes are combined together into one. That's 
more interesting and advanced but harder to keep things on track since game is randomly 
►So you might get hexagon with reversed controls, you think you can make it? What if we 
change colors as well, see yourself how far you can get!?