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Spicy Space

Spicy Space

by SpicyCrap


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  • Spicy Space
  • Spicy Space
  • Spicy Space
  • Spicy Space
  • Spicy Space
O.M.G!, the SUPER EVIL Noodle Monster and the INVISIBLE Pink Horse has taken over the universe and they are messing out with the gravity! You, the weird furry creature that kind of looks like a skunk- but not really.. CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Fight hoards of HYPER REALISTIC pixelated monsters, In a game that controls you. Touch or be touched - Defend poor Spicy from everything that is flying towards him by touching or dragging different monsters and objects, but be warned- each monster reacts differently to your touch. Three worlds to keep things SPICY - watch your progress as you collect points and coins on the Minimap. Once reached the end you will be teleported to the next world that contains different monsters and surprises. Addictive Gameplay - pull out the phone and start playing- you won't be able to stop. No check points, and no progress saving, every game is completely random and unique to you. EPIC Boss Battle - Fight the Noodle Monster and Invisible Pink Horse that caused all of this, once reached 100 points! Classic styled game for all ages - Funny looking 8-bit graphics and amazing soundtrack that is provided by Holfix!

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