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Spell Collapse Free

Spell Collapse Free

by Emergence Games


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  • Spell Collapse Free
Spell Collapse is an innovative new word puzzle game where you select and arrange letters to spell words earning points and rewards. Collect bonuses for using rare letters to earn power ups that can be used to find longer words and destroy more tiles. It's easy to learn but challenging to master, requiring multiple strategies to find those longer words that will clear more of the board before the tiles reach the top. FEATURES: • Five modes of play from easy to expert. Either a row of tiles will fall for each word found, or letters will fall continuously as you race to find words. • Four types of power ups that either destroy tiles or help find longer words. • Tan and brown letters that cannot be used together to form words, and bold letters that must be used twice before they are destroyed. • Ice tiles that freeze in place and create obstructions. • Earn score multipliers for rare letters and longer words, and bonus points when clearing large areas of the board. • Game Center support with 20 Leaderboards and 44 Achievements. • Over 100 bonus awards that earn points and destroy tiles when collected. • Find dozens to hundreds of words per game from a dictionary of over 150,000 words up to 25 letters long. • Post and tweet your longest words on Facebook and Twitter.

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