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speed camera detector

speed camera detector

by plusedroid


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  • speed camera detector
► wokradares radar detector! Free Since wokradar we have created a free application detection radar with all the options for the user. ► No more fines through the detector fixed and mobile radars free, the best co-driver to drive without fines, the buzzer will warn you about: ○ Speed ​​cameras ○ mobile radars ○ Traffic controlled ○ Danger zones ○ you can visualize the radar map ► What differentiates us from other radar applications ○ You can use google maps and the radar really notices ○ option radar display on a map within the app ○ fully configurable, since the distances to the sounds alert ○ radar warning voice ○ simple horizontal design android 5 Vertical and ► The audio warning system for ideal speaker or Bluetooth will not distract you while driving. Fully configurable, you can select if you want to only warn you of fixed radars or if you want to do it all, also the sound emitted by the application when you approach a radar or the warning distance to it (default 1000m) Database of radars is in continual growth thanks to the contributions of users, you can bring your data sending an email to wokapp.play@gmail.com not forget to attach latitude and longitude. In brief we will include a system to warn of a new radar directly from the application.

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