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Speak Messenger

Speak Messenger

by Speak Messenger


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  • Speak Messenger
Speak Messenger enables you to send and receive Texts, Images, Voice Recordings and Videos in less than 100 milliseconds. Why Switch to Speak? IT'S FAST: Speak Messenger is faster than any other app on the market. Delivering data in less than 100ms. Chatting to someone on Speak is like having a normal conversation with someone without any delay. IT'S SECURE: Messages are encrypted and not viewable to anyone outside of the app. Rest assured that you have complete privacy when using the Speak Messenger app. FULL CONTROL: Wish to read a message and not let the person on the other end know about it? Done! Wish to be online without your contacts knowing about it? Done! Read your messages and browse the app as a ghost. GROUP CHATS: Speak Messenger has no caps on group participants. Add all your contacts to a single group if you wish. Share messages and text among all your friends at once. OFFLINE MODE: No internet connection? No problem! With Speak Messenger you can still have your messages delivered and update your info without any internet connection. They are stored and delivered automatically as soon as you have a working internet connection. IT'S FREE: Use the app to your hearts content without limitation. We don't sell ads either. SUPPORT: For real-time support, please go to Settings in Speak Messenger and click “Help”, one of our support agents are ready to help you with whatever you need. For any other queries or questions, you may use support@getspeak.co.

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