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Space Shooting – Genimi Strike

Space Shooting – Genimi Strike

by UnityEngineGames


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  • Space Shooting – Genimi Strike
  • Space Shooting – Genimi Strike
- In order to survive, You must shoot as accurately as possible and gather more ammunition. - Space Shooting - Genimi Strike is a totally unique and awesome side scrolling shooter game featuring clay mation graphics. - The graphics in Space Shooting - Genimi Strike are like none you'll have seen before. Because all of the elements were actually made from clay and digital captured, it makes for some truly stunning viewing. - You'll be blown away by the graphics but once the novelty of this has worn off you'll realize that Space Shooting - Genimi Strike plays like any other run-of-the-mill arcade shooter. * How to play: * Control: - Touch screen to move Character and shoot UFO. * Powerups(Star): - When you destroy certain formations of secondary enemies, you will have the chance to acquire powerups for your ship. You collect these powerups by maneuvering your ship over a star that has spawned when the formation was destroyed. There are four different kinds of powerups: - Autofire (blue star): You shoot bullets at a very fast rate. - Wide Shot (yellow star): This will shot a spread pattern of bullets. - Rockets (red star): You will launch very powerful missiles. - Sonic Pulse (green star): You shoot a wide and destructive energy burst. * Fruit: - When you destroy big enemies, fruit will often fly into the air. Collect this fruit for extra points. * Enemies: - Enemies will appear both front and rear, please note. * Free Lives: - You will be awarded free lives when your score surpasses each of the following totals: 5000, 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000, 70000.

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