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Space Mistery

Space Mistery

by KenzoK Games


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  • Space Mistery
  • Space Mistery
  • Space Mistery
  • Space Mistery
Are you bored? Try this Space Mistery space game, a creation of KenzoK Games. The more you play Space Mistery game the more you get relaxed and optimistic. This game has all the ingredients for fun. You can improve your playing skills, also you have the opportunity to share your score with your friends on Facebook. Space Mistery let's you play in the out of space. The Earth is been under attack! It is up to you to save everyone, and be the hero of the Earth. You have to get aboard the greatest spaceship designed by human kind and have to save the day. Your enemies are tricky. They will change the course of all asteroids from the Milky Way and send them to Earth, in order to get it's destruction. But that's not all. Your spaceship journey has just began and more enemies will be shown as UFO's, rockets equipped with laser systems, intelligent rockets that will trace your spaceship and will try to waste it. Your spaceship also has aces hidden within, and you can power up your shields to protect yourself from all the space game enemies, super bombs to obliterate everything in it’s path. For you to be the savior of space and human kind, you can return and update your laser power and make some more guns with some paid research. Please if you enjoy it, like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KzkGames Thank you and if you have any problems with our game, please write us to the e-mail address displayed below!

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