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Snakes And Ladders

Snakes And Ladders

by Claude Newman


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Snakes And Ladders
Snakes And Ladders

Snakes And Ladders is a board-game played with a digital dice. Roll the dice and hope for the best, as a lucky roll will help you climb the stairs of a mystic castle while a not-so-lucky one will throw you in the coil of a large snake that sends you back.

Main Features:

  • Classic Gameplay. Snakes and Ladders follows the classic gameplay of the ancient board game. Up to 4 players take turns to roll a dice and climb the stairs of a mysterious castle.
  • Single or Multiplayer Mode. You can play as a single player or as a player against other players, but the real fun happens when you play against your friends!
  • Stunning 3D Graphics. You see a board view of the game with all the steps numbered (1 through 50) and snakes, ladders and powers along the way.
  • Range of Powers. At various stages of the game, you may get additional powers, depending upon a number of parameters. Many powers are quite interesting, and a few of them have a good surprise quotient too that increase engagement. Currently, there are 21 powers.
  • Different Characters. There are up to 8 different 3D avatars you can pick from. From the elegant girl Sky to the cool boy named Razor there are plenty of characters you can pick from, each with its own characteristics.
  • Captivating Audio. Snakes and Ladders comes with amazing sounds and sound effects that make the game even more exciting to play.