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SMS Sounds Ringtones

SMS Sounds Ringtones

by Latest Application And Games


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SMS Sounds Ringtones
SMS Sounds Ringtones
SMS Sounds Ringtones
SMS Sounds Ringtones
SMS Sounds Ringtones

Are you bored with the same old tones for your text message melody on your Android™ ? Download free SMS Sounds Ringtones app and you will get beautiful tunes for your smartphone or tablet. There is a variety of popular sms melodies to choose from, so listen to all of the hottest sounds, and set the one you like the most as your text message tone. Now you will be thrilled when you listen to the coolest sms soundboard ever!  You will also find relaxing sounds that you can use as a general ringtone, notification as well as alarm tune. In this fantastic new keyboard, you will find plenty of funny melodies, like fart or whistle sounds that will make you smile and cheer you up! So do not hesitate to share with friends on social networks and show them why you are in such a positive mood. They will not be mad at you for not answering your phone immediately - it is because you were listening to a fabulous tune! And why not, you can give yourself a little break and dance a little. There are also many wonderful melodies inspired by the guitar and drums. Install this top sms collection, and find the latest tones that will suit you best on any occasion.

The hottest melodies are here, so listen to amazing car or cartoon ringtones that will be an awesome addition for your android device. You will find plenty of wonderful Christmas melodies, that will really inspire you to enjoy in your favorite holiday. With these funny sms sounds, you will smile whenever you receive a text message! You can assign a different melody for each of your contact from your contact list, and set a cute ringtone for your family members. Children will love the newest application, because they will have so much fun with these cool tones. The best beep and bell sounds are here, so do not hesitate and install the wonderful sms soundboard free of charge. You can set the tunes you like the most as favourites, and use them whenever you want. Popular melodies are waiting for you, so get the latest sms ringtones, relax and enjoy in the freshest, modern alert tones! You will be happy to hear these awesome tunes inspired by some of the top songs and fabulous music genres.

The best ringtones, text message tunes and beautiful alarm tones – is what you can expect to find in this popular application. It also includes the latest notification, as well as top melodies that you can assign to different contacts from your contact list and personalize your smartphone or tablet. The coolest ringtones are for people of all ages who enjoy funny sms tones, the hottest melodies and great music sounds. Do not hesitate and download these awesome ringtones for free on your Android device, because you will have so much fun. Wonderful sound effects are also here, and you can enjoy listening to the newest melodies on your headset. Separate the ones you like the most in a favourites folder, use the ringtone cutter to edit sounds and have a great time using this extraordinary funny ringtones soundboard. These melodies are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Google Nexus 5, as well as with Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6. Have fun using these amazing ringtones, alarm and sms sounds that have been tested on Sony Xperia Z1S, Lg G3, Lg G4, HTC One M8 and  HTC One X.

How to use the app:

  • Set as ringtone tune
  • Set as text message or alarm
  • Set as notification sound
  • Add to favourites
  • Set different tones for each contact
  • Use the ringtone cutter to edit melodies