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SMOVE sharp brain twister

SMOVE sharp brain twister

by OceanTree


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  • SMOVE sharp brain twister
  • SMOVE sharp brain twister
  • SMOVE sharp brain twister
  • SMOVE sharp brain twister
The best SMOVE game is here. The most attractive and classic game and the new concept of Tic Tac Toe game The best challenging game for brain workouts and the game which will make your day. Smove is among the top 10 Windows Phone store games. The best game for Tic Tac Toe Multi Player lovers. The best addictive game which will keep concentrate and always live you on the mobile. Survive your lucky coin to the dark black dots and get the coins more and more to reach top level. Sharp your brain and keep continuity in your hand to move the circle. S move is a great way to pass your free time so play the new and updated idea of Tic Tac Toe. Smove means Swipe to Move, Swipe Left, Right, Up and Down to play. Swipe your ball ZIGZAG to survive from dark enemy balls. Main Features : - Simple touchscreen interface - Fast moves - Gorgeous Graphics and sound - Fully optimized for Windows Phone SMOVE is the best challenging game of 2015 developed by LancerWonders. Try to reach out top of the leader board.

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