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SMote SAMSUNG IR Remote for TV

SMote SAMSUNG IR Remote for TV

by tZapp Studios


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SMote SAMSUNG IR Remote for TV
SMote SAMSUNG IR Remote for TV
SMote SAMSUNG IR Remote for TV
SMote SAMSUNG IR Remote for TV
SMote.TV is a virtual Universal Infrared Television Remote that fits out-of-the-box with all SAMSUNG Plasma, LCD and LED TV - without any pre-configuration or additional hardware required! Look and feel is a perfekt mix between a real television remote and a modern android app with a special focus on ergonomy. It's a powerful universal infrared blaster that covers a big set of your Plasma, LED or LCD TV's basic and special functions - 69 unique Buttons, many which other apps often cannot provide. Some functions even can't be found on your original Samsung remote, for example you cann access your video input sources directly! IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to work properly, your smartphone MUST have an inbuilt infrared-blaster! You cannot use SMote.TV if your device isn't IR-ready, it will definitely not work without infrared port / sensor! You can only control Samsung televisions with SMote.TV, other manufacturers like Panasonic, Phillips or Toshiba will not work. Smote.TV has been designed to run on SAMSUNG phones and tablets with built-in IR port. But other IR-enabled devices might also work, since manufacturers now integrate an IR-blaster into their hardware, give it a try :) Devices with IR-blaster Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, Edge, Active, Mini, Mega, J, ATIV SE, Note 3, 4, Neo, Alpha LG G, G2, G3, G4, S, L9, Vista, Flex, G, Pro, Lite, Optimus F6, L9 II, Volt HTC One, Max, M8, M9, M9+ Huwai Honor 6, Plus Sony Experia Z, Z1, ZL HOW TO USE It's simple: Point your smartphone directly towards your TV and press a button. On some devices it might even work when sending IR signals indirectly (white walls work better than dark ones). The working range is about 3-5 meters. With low battery your inbuilt IR-blaster might not work properly or loose some range (especially < 5% battery), but SMote.TV itself does not use much power. FEATURES ☆ 69 Unique Control Buttons, more than your original remote! No other IR-blaster app provides so many functions ☆ Configuration free, no network setups or clumsy configuration codes required for your IR-ready smartphone ☆ Every SAMSUNG TV is instantly ready to be controlled, no setup or additional hadware for your TV is required. ☆ The app is loading really fast and covers all important funktions from your original remote, so it can really replace your original one. ☆ Every button is exactly named like you know it from your original Samsung TV remote - but with a much more intuitive and logical layout. ☆ A 'Basic' tab groups together commonly used functions like (Power On/Off, Ch+-, Vol+-, Mute, Guide, Menu, Tools, Source, Info, ...), all menus, settings, D-Pad and navigation control ☆ The 'Anvanced' tab, hosts professional function buttons like direct video input source selction (HDMI1, HDM 2, TTX / TXT, AV 1, AV 2,...), even special functions like Picture Mode, Audio Mode, 3D Mode or Energy Mode can be accessed easily BUG REPORTING, FEATURE REQUESTS, FEEDBACK Please help us to make SMote.TV better! If the app doesn't work with your smartphone / TV combination, please send a feedback message using the inbuilt support button. If you find bugs, please also reprot directly via app, you can shake your device to instantly report with the integrated instabug feature. SMote.TV has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Android KitKat (4.4) so far, the list of compatible devices will be continued. Smote.TV is free to use and therefore sponsored by Google AdMob. Soon there will be also an completely ad-free version for small bucks. TRADEMARKS: SAMSUNG is a trademark of the Samsung Group. The app or the developer is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung Group.