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SmartAmount – The money planner

SmartAmount – The money planner

by SmartAmount


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  • SmartAmount – The money planner
  • SmartAmount – The money planner
  • SmartAmount – The money planner
  • SmartAmount – The money planner
  • SmartAmount – The money planner
  • SmartAmount – The money planner
Why save money should waste your time? There is a new "smart" way to plan your finances. It's available in Google Play a new free app for the personal credit management, to organize expenses for the current year in an optimal way but without the stress of managing a real accounting. SmartAmount is a solution of newly made for the average user who is not practical accounting and do not want to spend time to learn to use complex tools to understand how to better manage his money. Just type the actual amount of the credit, all the revenue and recurrent expenditure to see graphically how these impact on the economic future. Later, when you want to schedule an expense, simply insert the occurrence to show what impact it has on the future budget. Having a clear vision of future credit helps: - Understand if you're spending too much - Understand the times when focus expenses to try to "dilute" in time - Have more information in case of sudden expenses (know plenty of notice of insolvency problems helps to bargain any installment plans) The philosophy of the app is to avoid recording every little expenditure, which becomes frustrating task and takes away valuable time. It's only needed to check occasionally you bank credit and set it in the app, and this will refresh the chart starting from the actual data. New improvements are coming to make comfortable to use even for those who frequently use the credit card and to manage more than one account. The app is currently only available for Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartamount.smartamount). More information on the website http://smartamount.16mb.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smartamount Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmartAmount

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