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Slide Scheme

Slide Scheme

by Melissa King


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Slide Scheme
Slide Scheme
Slide Scheme

Welcome to Slide Scheme!    http://www.emyphe.com
Slide blocks up, down, left or right with your finger
or stylus. Blocks can only overtake one another
if their arrow is pointing in the same direction
they are  moving. Blocks glow when they are sliding in the direction they are able to break other blocks!
To complete each puzzle, you must leave only one color block remaining
on the screen (shapes visible for color blind access). You must try the level again if you run out of moves. However, if you try 5 times in a row, you will be given the option to skip that puzzle. You can come back to it later and try it again from the puzzle select screen. But know,  in order to win the game, you must have all 100 puzzles completed. 

This game requires you alter your perception a bit, but once you get the hang of it there’s no putting it down! So don’t give up!

Note: It doesn’t matter how many blocks are left, just as long as they are the same color. 

Tip: Blocks don’t have to move only in the direction of their arrow.
Some puzzles can be won with any color, but some puzzles can only be won with 1 of the colors. (It’s up to you to scheme out which!)
You may have to move a block you want to break into the path of another block. Don’t get thrown off! 

More about block types (spoilers!)

Blank block
The Blank Block has no arrow on it. It can be moved in any direction, but cannot break other blocks. But you can break it with an arrow block!

Double Arrow
The double arrow block will keep breaking any block in its path until it reaches an obstruction. You can still break it with any other arrow block, however!

The Shield block has a defensive shield that protects it from one hit. After it is hit, the shield breaks away and it becomes a regular block. Then it can be hit again to be destroyed. It can also break other blocks if it has an arrow. Defense and offense!                

The frozen block will slide away if you try to break it! You must trap it and pinch it between two hard spaces (another block, the wall, etc.) in order to truly break it apart. 
If the ice block has an arrow, it can break other blocks just like the rest of the arrow blocks.