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Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game

Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game

by Happitech


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  • Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game
  • Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game
  • Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game
  • Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game
  • Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game
Skip a Beat is the world's first game you win by controlling your heart. Lower your heart rate and get the highscore while avoiding dangerous birds! As seen on Mashable, USA Today, Yahoo, Business Insider, Engadget, Venturebeat, Spiegel, NU.nl, Tech Digest. "Seeing your own heartbeat displayed in the corner of the screen is strange at first, and the gradual realization that you can control it to a certain degree, with the way you sit, breath, and think, is pretty mind-blowing" Venturebeat "Finally someone has found a fun use for fitness trackers" Tech Digest "Less intimidating way to monitor your heart rate throughout the day" Mashable "Direct and reliable detection of heart rate to use as a game element" Software Boom As you are playing Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game, your actual heart rate is used for score multipliers. Challenge yourself to influence your heart rate by using your thoughts, emotions, breathing and even posture. The game gives you instant personalized feedback on how your heart rate is changing. Find out what works for you and learn how to control your heart rate while having fun!

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