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Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror

Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror

by Vmodev


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  • Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror
  • Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror
  • Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror
  • Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror
  • Silent Sniper 3D: Anti-Terror
You are assigned to hide and silently kill the terrorists as a sniper. You need to equip yourself all the necessaries(rifles, bullets, first-aid) to perform your task alone. You can use first-aid to get your health back when you are blessed. Terrorists' location are marked with a spotter automatically when looking through viewfinder. It helps player easy to detect the position of the terrorists, even when they hide behind walls or terrain obscured completely. Meantime, piercing bullets help you kill them. Terrorists will shot back when they see you. Attractive game, simple game and easy game; beautiful 3D graphics, vivid sound. It will help you simulate in the real war. Please complete the missions and alive. How to play: ♥Swipe the screen to rotate the view of gun.♥ ♥You use viewfinder to observe focus the terrorists in one small space.♥ ♥Swipe with two fingers to zoom out or in ♥ ♥When there are too many terrorists focussing on a space, you should to change to a machine gun to kill them faster.♥ ♥You shot terrorist's head in order to have more gold.♥ ♥You kill the terrorists to complete the task to be rewarded with gold coins in order to upgrade weapons and equipment, and other necessary equipments.♥ ♥This is unlimited game play, so be patient to be archive the highest score!♥ Let's ready to get much of fun.

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