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Sheepless Nights

Sheepless Nights

by Voorn Multimedia


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  • Sheepless Nights
  • Sheepless Nights
  • Sheepless Nights
  • Sheepless Nights
  • Sheepless Nights
"Sheepless Nights - The Fun Way to Test Your Mathematical Skills!" - AskYourAndroid "Let your kids study math easy with this relaxing game" - AppEggs Sheepless Nights is an entertaining and educational (math) cardgame for kids (5+) and grownups. Sheepless Nights helps your kids improve the ability of count. Not only fun for kids but also for their parents. The kids math cardgame provides you the time playing together with your children and make good communication with them. If you want your child enjoy learning math, there’s no other better choice except for Sheepless Nights. "If you ignore this game because you think it's just a kids' card game, you are missing out. It's equally fun for adults too. The rules of the game are unique, and you hardly notice you're doing math. You find yourself groaning when you receive a black sheep, and cheering when you are able to give it an opponent. I find myself whiling away the time playing this game. Fun!"

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