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Shake Dentist

Shake Dentist

by ncfrank88


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  • Shake Dentist
  • Shake Dentist
  • Shake Dentist
  • Shake Dentist
Shake Dentist is one of good game for party or making decision. When you have to make a decision with your friends, Shake Dentist could help you. You can't decide who buy the cinema ticket? Who wash the dirty clothes? Who drink beer at a party? Let this COOL shark to make decision for you. This shark has pain in his mouth. One of his teeth is broken, but which one is it? Push as many teeth before you touch the broken tooth and He will close his mouth from the pain. So, you push the tooth of Shark and then nothing happen. You are luck. If Shark’s mouth is shut, you should perform the task. Meanwhile, Shake Dentist is one of the best-looking games of its genre which also runs smoothly on older devices. Objectives: Careful not to wake the snoring shark, or he will bite off your finger off with his teeth! Every game, one of the teeth is a "sore tooth". If the "sore tooth" is touched, the Shake will close its mouth, and the person who caused the mouth to close is the loser! Feature: 1. Absolute fun with friends 2. The Person who caused the mouth to close is the loser 3. Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device 4. Exciting music and sounds effects

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