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Shadow Ball

Shadow Ball

by Digital Monarch


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With Shadow Ball, we present to you a fascinating journey to a galaxy far away. Steer quick and pick up as many rubies as you can before time runs out. And all this time, look out for the shadows to dodge the meteor shower! Does that sound a little too hard? Well, the ball will also blast if you touch the walls! So pick up your devices and join the Ruby Raid to fight in this mind blowing interstellar survival war. *********** Gameplay ************* It is an infinite game where you need to collect rubies that will blast only seconds after spawning as each ruby is a timer bomb. Collecting each ruby will get you a point and allowing any of them to blast, will blast you too. Occasionally you'll also see a special bonus ruby appearing in the game. Think about it only if you have extra time. Collecting bonus ruby will give you extra points but will also risk explosion of the mines.Strengthen your nerves because this mind game just keeps on getting better. You also have to steer the ball through meteors falling from the starry sky. Meteors come in all shapes and sizes which you'll encounter as you progress through the game.Observe the shadows of the meteor shower to evade them by predicting their impact point. Also pray that no ruby appears close to the walls. Many raiders go to the wall for rubies but very few come back. ;-) **************Levels************* Level 1- Below 15 - Sphere of Hell Level 2- 15 to 30 - Cube of Darkness Level 3- 30 to 40 - Bar of Death Level 4- Above 40 - The Four Horsemen More deadly levels in the upcoming update. **************Features************** The game uses state of the art, accelerometer based control adopts with the initial tilt for seamless gaming experience. Powered by the all powerful Unity engine, to provide you the most enhanced and immersive gaming experience. Its the only game in the market that utilizes shadows as an important feature of the game and not just for aesthetics. Please rate positively if you like the game. Also your suggestions and comments are valuable for us. :)

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