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Shadow Assassin

Shadow Assassin

by Mutated Byte


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Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin
You play as one of the Shadows. A man without his past, a spy in King's secret army. You are SHADOW ASSASSIN! SHADOW ASSASSIN, it's a historical-fantasy stealth rpg game. Now you can: Play 3 training levels for free Play Chapter One: Avaritia Use Stealth, Fight, or Assassination Develop your Hero. Spend XP on Assassination, Endurance, or Combat Use benefits from ads Bonuses and gather legendary Equipment 1407AD Trying to stop the riots started by Teutonic Order, King Jagiello creates SHADOWs, secret squads of medieval ASSASSINs whose task is to stop Teutonic Knights. Meanwhile, the Order reaches for magic - a power they can't fully control. Your goal is to find secret documents, and hidden medieval artifacts. Crawl through enemy-filled dungeons, and try to remain unseen. Languages: - English - Polish We’re continuously working on improving Shadow Assassin. In nearest future will will see: - 30 different levels - adventures based on historical background - engaging story - visiting medieval cities - non-linear mission selection - more achievements - more...? Remember to rate us on Google Play, and share your opinion. Thank you for choosing SHADOW ASSASSIN Mutated Byte