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Send Smart Pro

Send Smart Pro

by iGeniusDev


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*****************QR Code are now easy with Smart QRC !*********************

You can easily create and read QR Codes with Smart QRC !

Smart QRC is ultimate application to generate QR code for multiple types of data and share. It is a very quick and reliable QR code reader or scanner and generator and much more.

Smart QRC allows you to freely share your generated QR code images with your friends through email, text message, Facebook, Dropbox, twitter and more!

You can encode your Web Address, Email, Location from Map , Phone number, SMS, Contacts, Image,Audio,Video as well as the configuration of your WiFi access point into a QR code.


=> Scan any type of QR Code.

=> Create any Kind of QR Code Like :
- Web Address , Email , Geo Location , Phone Number , SMS , Contact ,
Plain Text , Wifi Network.

=> One of Best Features of Smart QRC is you can create QR Code of Image , Audio ,

=> Get Scan & Created History of all QR Codes.

=> You Can Get Detail of Generated and Scanned QR code With QR Image That
Supports Sharing , Save and Delete.
- You can Share in Facebook, Twitter , Email , MMS.

=> You can do customize Settings Like :
- Beep , Vibrate , Save History
- Export History as PDF , XLS to Email , DropBox.

=> URL shorter (Google) is used to handle long URLs

=> Import QR codes directly from other external QR code generators

***********Update your Device With SMART QRC*************

.....What are you waiting for? Download this app NOW!.....

******* Please Send us your Feedback to igeniusdev@gmail.com to improve app functionality *****

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