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Secret Plus weapon

Secret Plus weapon

by Gravity Infosoft


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  • Secret Plus weapon
  • Secret Plus weapon
  • Secret Plus weapon
Secret plus weapon is a room escape game where weapon are always activate so save from weapon and then try to escape the room by opening the door otherwise player will die and game will over. The person in a scientific research lab where door is locked and weapon are activated from that situation person have to defense the laser by doing some game controls keys and escape from the lab by escaping from each connecting room. Game play: That Game is a strategy game more than the action.Here Strategy means understand the movement of the laser and protect from that laser.Some kind of puzzle also make the game more interesting though its very difficult to others to find out the code of bio metric door to rescue from the room.That game have 9 levels till now though Game Creator Gravity Infosoft giving aspect to create more levels.These 9 levels are long enough so it takes approximately 6 days to complete the game. Game Controls:Very easy to play.By touch you can able to cover up all interaction.No such of scroll and sliding effects is there. Game Concepts: Concept of the game is very interesting.Though the game build up based on a simple concept (as per as my deep thought and visualization) yet that kind concept normally not seen in the other games and even some popular high end game. Sound: More or Less all activity sounds effects are provided in secret plus weapon yet i think volume is too down for a normal mobile.To get the sound proper way you can attach a headphone.I think game developer have to re-think about the sound. Graphics: Graphics is good enough.You will feel of playing a 3d game.

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