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Scribble Keyboard

Scribble Keyboard

by Kermode Industries Ltd.


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Scribble Keyboard
Scribble Keyboard
Scribble Keyboard
Scribble Keyboard
Convert your iOS8 keyboard into a drawing board with a push of a button. Usable wherever you use the Apple keyboard. Once installed you will never have to open the app itself anymore, it will be accessible from the Apple keyboard itself. Never before was it possible to quickly draw something within the Apple keyboard and attach it to your message/email or save it to your photo album. You can choose from 9 different colors to make your drawing unique and your friends jealous! With one click, save the drawing to your photo album or copy/attach it to your Email, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Message, Text, Facebook, Messenger or Mailbox app. You are able to attach your drawing via the photo gallery to any app that has access to your photos, but the one click attach function is only available to the above mentioned apps. But don´t worry we are working hard to add this function to other popular apps too because we like to make your life simpler. Please make sure to follow the instructions and to ALLOW FULL ACCESS before giving bad reviews saying it wont work.