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Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds

by Fantastic Ringtones


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  • Scary Sounds
  • Scary Sounds
  • Scary Sounds
  • Scary Sounds
  • Scary Sounds
  • Scary Sounds
Scary Sounds app contains top scary ringtones, creepy scary sms and frightening alarm melodies, guarantee to scare and make funny for all family. Scary ringtones are just what you need to be surprised every time when your Android™ phone rings! This cool scary soundboard contain scary sounds that can be used in the various ways, for example for scary pranks when you want to scare your friends using scary noises, scary whispers, or even scary laugh. Download for free and set a scary sound to a contact, as the default ringtone, notification or alarm. Do you believe in ghosts and monsters?There are various horror series and horror movies that inspired us to create this scary sound collection. Some of the scariest devil, clown or monster tones make noises to freak you out. To make it more diverse we also added some top thematic effects such as: devil laugh, talking ghost and screaming zombie. Maybe the best moment to use our free scary ringtones is Halloween when everyone are ready to be frightened. Personalize your phone or tablet with amazing scary talk, screaming notification sounds, or nightmare alarm. All scary effects tones are additionally synchronized, and the volume was increased to create a more realistic scary experience. Scary Sounds app is one of the most popular entertainment apps, so do not be afraid and download scary ringtones for free. Collection of witches, evil laugh, crows, midnight wolf, and many other dreadfully sounds, can make realy scare you. But on first place we made this popular funny app to relax you and entertain you. Can you imagine shark attack? How do you feel alone in darkness, when you hear someone’s breathing, or door creaking. Oh my God, it is really terrible. But don't worry, our new ringtones will not hurt anybody. New ringtones, best notification sounds and popular alarm tones are what this app has to offer you. You can change tones every day and have hot melodies on your cell or tablet all the time. After you explore and listen all tunes, you have an additional option to place favourite ones in the favorite folder so you can enjoy them later. If you like these free sounds there is also an option to share app with your friends and family through popular social networks, email or sms, or simply you can just use your headset to enjoy cool ringtones. Use “More apps” button at the bottom of the main menu to check out our other great ringtone apps and personalize your android device's sounds even more. Download app for free and enjoy ringtones. Features: top 40 high quality ringtones; top 50 notification sounds & sound effects; set your default ringtone, notification, sms or alarm; set your favourite ringtones; assign cool ringtones to your friends and family; Last but not least , application has been tested on many devices to ensure the best possible user experience. If you have any difficulties do not hesitate to contact us so we can correct it in the next update. Wish you all the best and lot lot of fun.

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