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Save the robots

Save the robots

by Jumptoplay


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  • Save the robots
  • Save the robots
  • Save the robots
  • Save the robots
The minirobots need your help! Explore space in an adventure that will test your skill and brain with lots of obstacles and puzzles. Enjoy the physics based gameplay while floating and using your thrusters to move around. Avoid pieces of space debris, asteroids, lasers, alien forms of life and lots of surprises in your journey across space. Find new powers, tools and friends that will help you to find the lost minirobots and take them to the nearest Roboplanet. Customize your robot with 27,000 combination of hats, glasses, masks, hairstyles and a lot more! GAMEPLAY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXmb3tIEnWk FEATURES: * Find the minirobots and bring them home. * Explore space in 75 different levels. * Personalize your robot with 27,000 combinations of costumes. * Transform your robot to unlock new powers. * Test your skills in intense boss battles CONTROLS: Tap any point on the screen to move the robot towards that direction. This game includes the first 21 levels for free on Android and an option to unlock the full game.

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