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Sapience Buddy

Sapience Buddy

by Claude Newman


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Sapience Buddy
Sapience Buddy

Sapience Buddy helps you track time to find more time for things you will like to do. Time and Activity Tacking with Sapience Buddy is fully automated and the data collected is completely private.

The data collected by Sapience Buddy is presented in a visual dashboard that’s intuitive and easy to understand. You can mark activities tracked as work related or private, giving you reports that you might need for your business or personal use and also understand how your time is split between your personal activities and work activities. Use this data for work-life balance goals.

Some Key Features of Sapience Buddy:

  • Call Tracking - automated call tracker to capture all details of each call you make (duration, time, calling party).
  • Mile Tracking - Track your miles and create historical mile log sheet for tax and claim purposes.
  • Phone Usage Tracking- Track how often you access your phone and for what. Set goals to track progress.
  • App Usage Tracking- Track app usage to get app usage statistics and productivity tracking.
  • Fitness Activity Tracking- track time spent on fitness activity- walking, cycling. Counts your steps too.
  • Life Logging: Log your life- track time spent at places, home, in fitness and various other activities.
  • Gamification - Set goals for some key activity tracking and track progress.
  • Tagging- tag/name locations visited and calls made/received for easy historical analysis.
  • Privacy- the data tracked and collected is for your eyes only. The option to share data with Sapience Buddy for PC is optional.