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Russian roulette – word game

Russian roulette – word game

by AABplay


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  • Russian roulette – word game
  • Russian roulette – word game
  • Russian roulette – word game
  • Russian roulette – word game
You think you pulled the trigger - and the whole business, is much much easier? Perhaps, if we are not talking about the puzzle "Russian roulette - word game". Original and unique "Russian roulette" - a new word quizzes and victory in word games! • Do you know what the word refers to an Infant or attractive young women? • What is the kitchen, operating or pool? • Visual, memory and even painted? Answers to these and other questions lie in the bullets! Each level consists of a question and letters drums charged revolver. The revolver charged as correct (fighting) letter and the wrong (blank). The choice is yours! If luck depending on the ingenuity on your side - that will allow a lucky shot to the next level! Test your level of intelligence with the game in the words "Russian roulette". The intellectual quiz collected entertaining words often have more than one value. With each level of "Russian roulette" more interesting and challenging! Stay tuned, now available bonus levels! You can not understand the answer to the question - it does not matter, a special tip will show the next letter of the word, and will not stall at! All the words used in the application "Russian roulette" are literary. The game is designed for all ages. Caution! Perhaps will be completion lexicon by interesting words and memories. "Russian roulette", AABplay version. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Z8v4EYbDo

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