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Running Pedometer Step Counter

Running Pedometer Step Counter

by PurePush (pvt.) Ltd


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  • Running Pedometer Step Counter
  • Running Pedometer Step Counter
  • Running Pedometer Step Counter

"Pedometer Step Counter" counts the number of steps you have walked or run and displays them in three different categories 
i.e soft steps, moderate steps and intense steps along with time traveled and calories burned.

 Calibration/ Frequency of these steps are different from one another that can be adjusted accordingly.

 You have to wake-up early in the morning so you can count your step through this application, it will be helpful for your body & health, by keeping track of your steps while you jog or exercise.

It's very user friendly and easy to use application with attractive graphics.

Instruction & Features: 
★ Automatic step counter detection (where ever your Smart phone's or Tablet's is placed either in your Pockets, Purse, Hand, Arm)
★ maintains a proper database of all steps i.e soft, moderate and intense.
★ save Daily log of steps taken
★ Step counter calculates speed & distance
★ Users can save body-metrics properties like Height & Weight for a more accurate Result
★ can be reset to zero
★ can be paused anytime
★ can be minimized
★ contains a notification for status bar
★ Overall stats of all your Steps
★ steps calibration/ frequency change option
★ log view of all the saved step record
★ Use the pedometer app in the background to conserve battery life
★ Small Size Application

Feel free to send us your comments. Your feedback is important to us.

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